Ok, fine. So you aren’t ever going to touch every island on the Archipelago that makes up Indonesia, thats ok! Most are obviously uninhabited (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but as you may imagine, such a large stretch from two fully unique Continents lends to a plethora of differing cultures. In fact, among the regions 246 million people, over 500 languages are spoken! The area itself sits on a lively volcanic land, which of course lends for tremendous rising mountains, lush jungle and jaw dropping beaches. 

While many assume that these tropical waters are only ripe for beaches and snorkeling or diving, they would be way off. Indonesia offers a great chance to get up close to families of orangutans at Bukit Lawang. If you are looking for a stunning cultural experience, visit the mountainous region of Sulawesi, home to the Torajans. With impressive Buddhist Temples, imposing volcano hikes and some of the worlds best surfing, the chain of Indonesian Islands simply can’t be conquered in one visit, and it will beg you to come back for more and more!

Areas To Visit

Medan • Danau Toba • Jakarta • Bali • Komodo • Kelimutu • Borneo • Java

Explorative Experiences in Indonesia

Hike Tangkuban Perahu Volcano

Relax on Luxurious Pink Beach

Trek the Peaks of Padar Island

Sail the Togian Islands Around Sulawesi




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