Italy has long been one of the world’s top tourism destinations since the dawn of travel, and rightly so. With over 4,700 miles of Mediterranean coastline, spectacular cities, rolling vineyards, skyscraping mountains and an unbelievable climate. Italy really
does have it all. Ask an Italian how they feel about life and the chances are they will tell you they embrace and celebrate it. Italy has hundreds upon hundreds of festivals each year, it is as if they have found a way to celebrate every one of life’s event and it 

doesn’t matter if it’s a happy event or a sad event. It’s just time to gather with the people you love. Besides embracing life Italy is home to some the world’s most impressive architectural structures and art that has mesmerized and awed individuals for centuries. If that’s not enough for you, then get your tastebuds ready as they are in for a real treat. There are no words to describe just how delicious the cuisine is so we just suggest helping yourself to more. Mangia Mangia!!

Areas To Visit

Rome • Venice • Tuscany • Florence • Milan • Amalfi Coast • Sicily

Explorative Experiences in Italy

Sail around Sardinia

Hike the Dolomites

Visit Sicily’s Greek Ruins

Learn Glass Blowing in Venice




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"Having booked with The Escape Artist multiple times (Peru, Costa Rica, Kenya, Galapagos Islands) I knew that I wanted them to work with my girlfriends Mom on a family trip to Greece. John and Katie met us all out to go over the goals of the trip, like always. They built us a package based on our likes and dislikes, and they nailed it! Best part, mid trip wanted to alter our vacation a bit and spend more time in Mykonos. A simple email directly to them and everything was solved! They are fun to work with, but also amazing at what they do! Highly recommend giving them a shot!"

Greg and Michelle