Top 5 Central America Travel Destinations for 2018

Oct 11, 2018 | Belize, Costa Rica, General, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Travel Advice

I almost made this a Top 10 or even Top 20 list of the best Central America Destinations in 2018. But then I realized that I would have had to work a lot harder, and you probably wouldn’t have read a Top 20 list anyway! So, thank my laziness for this easy to absorb list of awesome travel destinations that you really need to go to this year! These aren’t in any particular order either, here is our favorite 2018 travel destinations! Enjoy!

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Bocas del Toro is perfectly suited for that overworked soul (face it, 2018 isn’t going to be much easier than ’17!) that wants to relax on a glamorous beach during the day, where the only worry on your mind is which book to read or what drink to get next! And while you are relaxing, your significant other can surf on some of the best waves in the Americas. For you divers or snorkelers, Bocas has been called the “Galapagos of the Caribbean” due to its stunning coral life. Be sure to enjoy a nice long siesta after your busy (or not so busy) day, because Bocas is also well known for its vibrant nightlife! Take a $1 boat ride to Aqua Lounge and immediately feel like you are back in college! Just try not to overdue it, well, unless your only plans the following day were resting on the beach again!

Arenal, Costa Rica

Looking for some speed and heart pumping adrenaline on your next vacation? Then the Arenal area in Costa Rica is calling your name! Fly like a bird as you zip-line 600 feet above the forest canopy, while looking over your shoulder at stunning Lake Arenal! Rappel down a series of waterfalls or whitewater raft down some of best rapids in the Americas. If relaxation is what you are craving, no problem! Soak in one of the many rejuvenating natural hot springs, pamper yourself at some of the world’s best spas or meditate next to a tranquil stream. Arenal could be just what you need to reset your mind and recharge your body from your busy work schedule.

Corn Islands, Nicaragua

If you only take vacation in 2018, Big and Little Corn will treat you right! Both are such amazing treats, and are still relatively calm from a touristic standpoint. Nicaragua itself is gaining in popularity (selling beers for less than a dollar will do that!), but the Corn Islands are still relatively tranquil and not over crowded with tourists. From diving or snorkeling to fishing off the shore or on a chartered boat, the Corn Islands offer you plenty of water activities. Big Corn has a lot more development and a more solid infrastructure (such as, you know…roads and cars) than that of Little Corn. If you are truly looking for a digital detox, I’m not sure I know of a better place to send you other than Little Corn. Heck, the island doesn’t even have electricity until 2pm everyday! (Travel Tip #743: Eat the coconut bread. Often.) And there aren’t many places where you can walk from one end of the island to the other in a matter of minutes! Well, other than…

Caye Caulker, Belize

While the tourists cram their way over to Ambergris Caye, the travelers are relaxing on Caye Caulker! Caulker has a truly Caribbean feel to it, and trust me, you are going to absolutely fall in love with this little island and its people! The only motorized vehicles on the streets are golf carts, and I can all but guarantee that no matter how hard you try you can not get lost exploring the Caye. Heck, there are only three streets on the entire island! Hire a boat to go fishing in the morning, and then take your catch over to Rose’s Grill and Bar to have them cook you up the fish you just caught! Or just enjoy their ceviche, yum! After you are done enjoying lunch, make your way down front street to “The Split” and The Lazy Lizard Bar. Grab yourself a bucket of Belikin Beer (remember to wipe the rust off the bottle top) and soak in the water. You will have a very hard time leaving Caye Caulker, so consider yourself warned!

Antigua, Guatemala

I often describe Antigua as a town that is “accidentally romantic”. Maybe it’s the brilliant cobblestone streets (leave your heals at home, ladies) or the plethora of old churches, but there is just something about Antigua that will immediately steal your heart. Antigua is surrounded by three massive volcanoes; Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. For the brave, we recommend volcano hikes and tours. Just remember, Fuego is very much alive and rumbles often, so if “brave” isn’t in your general description, stay in town and enjoy staring at Fuego (nicknamed the Angry Beast for a reason) from a distance with a glass of wine in your hand!

Doing a walking city tour is an absolute must. Antigua has also become somewhat of a gastronomical hub of Central America. Hell, they probably have the fanciest McDonalds in the world (Don’t even think about it!) Just don’t find yourself in one of the larger, swanky restaurants too often, you will be happier eating as the locals do! If you are the only gringo when you look around, you found the perfect spot for lunch or dinner!

This is a short list, but it’s a solid foundation for Central America. Give us a call, let us build you a trip you will never forget!  Visit us here for more information!




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